Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Undergraduate Catalog?

A: The Undergraduate Catalog, published every year, contains information about and academic requirements for each course of study or program available to undergraduate students at Carnegie Mellon, as well as course descriptions and university policies.

Q: For whom is the Undergraduate Catalog relevant?

A: The Undergraduate Catalog is most relevant for students entering in the year of publication. However, returning students should also use the Undergraduate Catalog to look at new programs and courses of study that may interest them. 

Q: How often is the Undergraduate Catalog updated?

A: The Undergraduate Catalog is published every year. The next catalog will be published in August 2024.

Q: The requirements for my major are different here than when I entered Carnegie Mellon; will my classes still count the same toward graduation?

A: Yes. A student's requirements for graduation are determined by the year they enter Carnegie Mellon. If a program or major's requirements change in a later catalog, these changes will only affect students entering during that catalog year. 

Please note that the only exception is for courses that are no longer offered or those that change course number. Students should confer with their academic advisor each semester in order to be sure they are on track for graduation. Students can also use the Stellic academic audit application to check on their progress.

Q: I want to look up a course description, but I only know the course number; where can I find a complete listing of all course descriptions?

A: To look for a specific course, type the course number with hyphen included (i.e. 76-101, not 76101) into the Search box near the top of the page and click Enter. The search results page will display the description for the requested course as well as a link to the page for the department offering the course.

Q: Does the catalog include course times and locations?

A: No. Current information on course times and locations can be found on the student's personal Student Information Online account, under the Course Schedule tab.

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