Amy Yearwood, Associate Director of Enrollment Services for Summer Studies
Office: Warner Hall A19, 5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-268-9796

The university continues to offer outstanding, innovative, and educational programming throughout the summer. All university resources and offices are still available to assist students with academic support, health and wellness, career exploration, and more. Students have the opportunity to take exciting and enriching coursework, participate in research, work on campus or in the city, and attend a variety of local events/activities.

Visit the Summer Studies website to learn more about summer at CMU. 

Summer Coursework

Why take summer courses at CMU?

  • Enrich your academic experience by adding a minor or elective coursework
  • Engage in a smaller classroom setting for an introductory course
  • Stay on track to graduate in four years
  • Experience the city and campus during a more relaxed time of the year
  • Pursue an internship in Pittsburgh

Summer 2019 Important Dates

  • May 20 - Summer One and Summer All classes begin
  • June 27 - Summer One last day of classes
  • July 1 - Summer Two classes begin
  • August 8 - Summer Two and Summer All last day of classes

Summer Research and Programs

Carnegie Mellon offers many opportunities for academic enrichment and research during the summer months. These programs are designed to meet the academic needs of CMU students and visiting students by providing a wealth of services dedicated to academic achievement. Students have the opportunity to have a seamless educational experience that does not end in the classroom. In collaboration with other departments and organizations, these opportunities facilitate students' individual growth and development, helping them to reach and often surpass their academic goals.