This catalog is intended to detail the University’s academic programs, policies and services for use by current undergraduate students, faculty, and administrators. We appreciate that applicants, prospective students, and many other people will read this material, as well, for some understanding of University programs and culture.

Information in the catalog is current as of August 2017; the next Catalog will be published in August 2018. In the interim, new courses will be announced in the course schedules which are usually available in November and April and on the Web (

The program requirements and academic policies set forth in this Catalog are subject to change. As a consequence, students are expected to consult with their individual college or department for the most up-to-date information about program requirements, and should consult the University’s policy website for the most current statements of University policy.

Any changes or updated information from any member of the campus community should be directed to John Papinchak, University Registrar.

Laurie Weingart
Interim Provost

Jonathan D. Samuels, Assistant Registrar for Records & Undergraduate Catalog Editor
John R. Papinchak, University Registrar
Published August 17, 2017